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Camp Jitterbug 2010 – Part 3 (The Contests)

Every night of Camp jitterbug the have a prelim for a contest or a final. With the large numbers and great level of lindy hoppers there you could most definitely expect some great contests!

The Naval Armory located on the shores of chilly Lake Union, was the site of the first and one of the largest prelims I’ve been a part of, the Open Jack & Jill contest. The Armory ended up being the perfect place for it since the 2 heats that were called to dance lined up from one end of the large square like room to the other. And that was for each heat, good thing there were only 2 heats. But I think everyone in that room was in the damn contest! Glad I was competing and not judging. The Finals were the next night at Temple de Hirsch, 5 couples made it to the finals and yours truly was one of the finalists. I got to dance with the lovely Laura Glasse. The others were partnered up and the band, Bria Skonberg & Casey McGill, began to play and it was a hot number! Surprising but amazing! Kept the room popping and the dancers a swinging!

Sunday night was the final and big night. The last night of dancing for Camp Jitterbug brought us the Strictly Lindy Hop Finals! In order of appearance, the competitors were: Pontus Persson & Frida Borg, Jeremy Otth & Carla Heiney, Andrew Thigpen & Karen Turman, Michael “Dargoff” Darigol & Brittany Johnson, Nick Williams & Laura Keat, Juan Villafane & Sharon Davis, Mike Roberts & Laura Glaess. It was a great contest Pontus and Frida blew everyone ouyt of the water with their take on some great, classic lindy hop moves and tricks. But Nick and Laura hot on there heels with some brand new breath taking moments. In the end cleanliness won over new ideas. The entire contest was an amazing testament to our dance and showed us where we came from and where we can still go…

Thank you to Tonya and everyone that made it out this year to Camp Jitterbug 2010!

See y’all next year!