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Camp Jitterbug 2010 – Part 4 (The Jump Session Show)

Five years ago, Tonya Morris had the great idea to bring together all of the talent of the dancers that came to Camp Jitterbug and put on a show for a good cause. What came was dubbed The Jump Session Show; a collection of all of the world greatest Lindy Hoppers!

This years show was held at the beautiful Benaroya Hall in downtown Seattle, WA. The hall is home to the Seattle Orchestra and has had famous act such as, my personal favorite, Dave Matthews. The venue is a professional business with actual employees that now how to put on a show. So you can imagine the great pleasure it was to have people that work that venue be there on hand and help us to have great sound and lighting this year. Still no curtains, but that’s my own personal preference. HA! Anyways, the venue was a great improvement on years before with all of the professionalism involved from the back end to all of the talent on stage. Everyone brought their “A” game this year with all of the preparation and high level of thought put into every number. This years Jump Session Show really made for quite the spectacular, spectacle for all of those who attended this year.

Speaking as a performer and just as a right out lover of dance, I can say that the Jump Session Show / Camp Jitterbug is right up there as one of THE premier dance events to attend in the nation! The JS Show starts off the Camp Jitterbug weekend with a thunderous bang! That doesn’t stop until the minute you leave Seattle. I look forward to the time I get to perform for that audience, there really is no other way to explain it other then it is a magical experience. If I can bring a small amount of joy to some one watching one of my performances then I am happy. To walk out on to that stage and see all of those people staring at you can be intimidating. But if you think of it all those people came out to be entertained, by you! They are there to root for you and want you to do the best you can! If you think of it that way and have pride in what you do then there can be no stopping you! It was my pleasure to attend Camp Jitterbug 2010 and be apart of the fabulous Jump Session Show. To share that stage with all the talent that danced their heart and soul is one the greatest honors I could ever imagine.

Those 2 cent were brought to you by Mikey Pedroza. 😉

And below you can see most all of the pieces from the show this year, enjoy!