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Christopher Scott

October 23, 2012 | Filed Under: Dancing | Tagged: Christopher Scott Inspiration LXD

So here is the story, I was in downtown LA with my mom and we stopped off for a late lunch Louis on the 7th. We go into the cafe and she noticed some amazing food being served to the table right next to us. I turned to ask the gentleman what it was that smelled so awesome, fried portabello mushrooms. As he said it I looked at him and knew I have seen this guy before when it hit me it was Chris Scott. I turned around again and had to say hi. So I asked if he was Christopher Scott the dancer/choreographer? He said yes and I shock his hand and said that I loved all of his work and that his large group pieces have always inspired me. He thanked me and apologized saying that this whole being noticed as a choreographer was new to him and that he was so thankful for the compliment. He asked my name and asked if I was a dancer too, I told him I swing dance/Lindy Hop. He was excited to hear that even though we come from 2 very different worlds of dance that we can still appreciate one anothers art form. I told him that agreed with him and said the piece from the Oscars a few years ago was one of my favorites and told please don’t ever stop moving! He told me the same and chatted about how dance is the best thing that ever happened to him and that he appreciated the comments so much.

This piece is not from the 2010 Oscars but from the show So You Think You can Dance where Mr. Scott is now a featured choreographer, for the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers.

I may not be the most spiritual person around but I do believe in signs and to be as open to them as possible. I have been feeling a bit fogged up lately as to what I can do with dance and I feel as though the chance meeting with Mr. Scott was the universe telling me to continue and remind me to stay humble and always know where you come from since my mom was there and all, she really knows me!

He was humble kind and well spoken, straight up class act. Thank you for your time and inspiration Mr. Scott and I hope you continue to make dance that moves everyone!

Another piece of Mr. Scott’s choreographed for So You Think You Can Dance.