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Food Blog #1 – Gabbi’s Mexican Kitchen

For those of you who might not know, I have a very serious love for food. Not just any food but really good food! So from time to time I’ll be writing short review type blogs about the food and style of restaurants I’ve recently been to.

This blog is about Mexican food! I know what so of you are thinking, “But Mikey, aren’t you Mexican?!” And to those people I would say shut up and go back to eating your microwave dinners and let the grown ups talk!

Anyways, back to the topic at hand, “Mexican food cuisine with exquisite flavor, style and presentation,” that is the motto set out by Executive Chef and restaurateur Gabbi Patrick, owner of Gabbi’s Mexican Kitchen.

This is off her website: The daughter of two entrepreneurial immigrant parents, Gabbi is no newcomer to the restaurant business. By the age of seventeen, she was already managing two of her parents’ Los Angeles restaurants and was apprenticed as a sous chef. She went on to receive her culinary degree at UCLA and continued her studies in sauces, salsas and stocks at the prestigious Greystone Culinary Academy in Napa Valley.Gabbi became an entrepreneur herself in the year 2002 with the opening of her own successful catering company. Four years later, this business concept led to development and opening of Gabbi’s Mexican Kitchen in Orange.

The location is small but quaint, more of a wider hallway then a room. With the wall lined with old looking brick that reaches from the floor to the tall ceiling above. The mixture of bronze, 1800s looking light fixtures on the walls, the more modern hanging lights above the bar and the candles everywhere in the dinning room creates a great, relaxing atmosphere. The tables, chairs and the entire bar were made from solid wood and large and comfortable. Behind the bar a giant “cage” of fine tequila for those who wish to par take.

Now, the food. We began as any other Mexican restaurant with warm tortilla chips and freshly made salsa. Fresh because you could taste the ingredients with every heaping chip filled bite. Dana ordered Gabbi’s margarita and I a large Dos XX (my favorite!) Starters were a cup of the chicken and vegetable soup that had a slight bite that only made you want to refill your spoon with more right away. And and order of fried plantain with a drizzle of creme fresca and queso fresca. The sweet, caramelized plantain mixed with the cheese and cream made for a warm, melt in your mouth treat for your taste buds.

Now the main courses, Dana ordered a chicken mole with rice, fried kale and a small baked, plantain filled empanada. The chicken was cooked perfectly tender moist moist covered in the mole sauce which added an amazing tangy flavor. The kale was a great addition, frying it was a great twist of a side salad. Salty and crunchy. And the baked plantain empanada was amazing! Adding to the fact that fried plantain kicks some major ass!

My main course was was a 8oz. sirloin steak cooked to a perfect medium served a top a queso enchilada and a thick tomatillo sauce. The steak was perfect not over cooked but tender and juicy. Put together with with the tomatillo sauce that was like a a thick, spicy steak sauce brought all the flavor out in the meat and took it to a different level!

As the night came to an end, Dana ordered another Gabbi’s margarita and some home made churros! WOW! What an amazing way to end a night of great food. Churros with caramel and chocolate sauce! These churros were golden brown on the outside with sugar and cinnamon and soft and warm on the inside. The best I’ve ever had!

Well there you have it, if you are ever in the area of the Orange Circle in the heart of Orange Count, CA, stop by Gabbi’s Mexican Kitchen and order you up a plate of traditional Mexican cuisine made in to art. Be prepared to spend a little more then your used to though, art doesn’t come cheep. But greatly worth the food, drinks and atmosphere.

So Enjoy Yall!

Gabbi’s Mexican Kitchen