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ILHC 2010

This past weekend was the biggest and best Lindy Hop competitions of the ear, the International Lindy Hop Championships! Only in its third year, the ILHC weekend has quickly become the biggest and best place for the worlds best Lindy Hoppers to throw it all down on the dance floor! Brought to us by three of the best people I know, Nina Gilkenson, Tena Morales, and Slvia Sykes. Each woman well respected in the dance and each brings their individual strengths to the organization of the event that makes it one of the best run events in the world.

As I wrote in the last blog entry about my recent contest entries. I have been working towards this weekend for quite sometime. And even though I didn’t end up placing in anything, I was still incredibly proud and filled with joy for what we put out for the world to see. I love my life as a dancer and to be given a chance to dress up and dance in front of others is one of the best feelings ever!

So below is Nikki Marvin and I doing our latest classic Lindy Hop routine entitled “Mr. Rhythm Man”.

Next is the Champions Strictly Lindy Hop finals. The only took eight couples to the finals and five of the couples had alread won a spot to be in the finals by winning other contests through out the year. So during the prelims, it was 10 more couples fighting for three spots in the finals. And to our joy, Nikki and I made it! So here is the finals to the Champions Strictly Lindy Hop contest. (Watch for some awesome modern jumper and more puffy sleeve action!)

I’d like to thank everyone involved in the planning and organization of this years ILHC. All of our hard work shows and is expressed in every dance by every person on that dance floor! See you next year…