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International Lindy Hop Championships – Vlog

With in such a tight scene as the Lindy Hop community is its easy to start to see trends emerging. And at times these trends are clear evident to everyone. This years International Lindy Hop Championships was the tipping point where everyone was left saying, “Was that another Chase?” The internet and YouTube has shrunk our world into devices that can fit in the palm of your hand. While I love it, sometimes the results of can be funny. Even I have fallen into the Chase trend!

The Chase, or the Micky “Downs” Break, goes by many different names but it is a move made famous by the Lindy Hop communities most treasured video clips, Hellzapoppin’. It’s basically where the dancer do a syncopated footwork facing the same way and then break together. They do this any number of times, switching back and forth, then the dancers end back to back and pick each others hands up and continue dancing.

This was too awesome for me not comment on and so I went out and found every Chase I could find from that weekend in Alexandria, VA to compile them in this video. I loved every single version of the move and love that it can be re interpreted in so many ways. So here is my Vlog on the weekend of the International Lindy Hop Championships and then the video of just the The Chase Reel.

The Vlog…

Just The Chase!

The Original… starts at 2:56

My own version… starts at 1:54