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LBJ – TED Talk, Doodle Talk, Evita, & Origin Stories!

November 29, 2013 | Filed Under: Vlog | Tagged: evita arce Frankie Manning LBJ Lindy Hop TED Talk

This is a Vlog, its a video log for people who can’t write real good and stuff… I’m a dancer that likes to talk, a lot. Mainly about Lindy Hop and the culture that has grown around it. Dance Events, Blogs, Dance Floor Etiquette, Nerdieness, Fashion, History, and also the randomness that makes up our lovely world community will be discussed here. All to showcase this American Legacy of dance, music & art that is the Lindy Hop.

Theme by: Palmetto Bug Stompers:
Ohio State University’ Marching Band:

Ryan Francois Ted Talk:

Google Doodle for Frankie Manning:

Evita Arce Interview:

Syncopated City Dance Company:

SwungOver History 101:

Richard Powers:

If you created an Origin Story for Lindy Hop What would it be?
Winner gets a free pass to Inspiration Weekend 2014: