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Liberty Blues 2011

One of our latest trips was to Indianapolis for a great event Liberty Blues 2011. Nikki and I were just so amazed by all the people and had such a blast teaching the dancers in the mid west. The event was a Lindy Hop, Blues and Soul dance weekend. We got to teach some of our favorite types of classes and really gave the students our specialties when it came to dancing real close like 😉 . This was our very first time teaching at a Blues dance event and while we were itching to do a swing out, we enjoyed adding our concepts and all around flavor to the dancers ideas on Blues or just dancing in general.

For those of you that attended the workshops, here is the run through for the classes. If you didn’t attend you don’t have to look away but you can watch and maybe learn some new things! Here is the over views of 5 out of the 8 classes of the weekend.

For those of you that noticed the Soul dancing class review, I assure you that there was much more to that class then just a few moves. We run that class like a 2 hour party, its seriously one of the funnest classes we get to teach. I will talk more about that in another post. But in short we found a great way to actually and constructively teach others to dance to Soul music.

And lastly Nikki and I debuted a new demo routine of solo dancing. Using a part of the jazz routine the Trankey Doo, some comedy, add a little pose at the end and you got all of the elements you need for a pretty hot routine. Enjoy!