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Lone Star Championships at Lindyfest 2013

March 26, 2013 | Filed Under: Dancing Event | Tagged: blues gaby cook Lindy Hop lone star cham

Starting in 2013, Austin’s Lone Star Championships will take place at Houston’s Lindyfest to create the largest and most dynamic Lindy event of its kind. This will be the 17th annual Lindyfest and the 6th installment of the Lone Star Championships. This new incarnation of Lindyfest will be an intensive, fun-filled Lindy Hop extravaganza jam-packed with workshops and competitions for all dance levels in addition to superb performances. With world class dance competitions added, Lindyfest will bring in hundreds of dancers, performers, and competitors from all across the globe to experience the excitement of Lindy Hop – all here in Houston, Texas!

Here is the Blues dance division (really good slow dancing done to Blues music) at Lone Star featering Gaby Cook and Mikey Pedroza with music from The Golden Leaf Jazz Band featuring Aurora Nealand, Ben Polcer, Russell Welch, David Jellema, Benji Bohannon, and Jason Jurzak. It was apleasure to have this amazing band from New Orleans play for us and an even bigger honor to have Aurora Nealand play for spotlights!


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