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Mikey & Moe Blues Demo in Belgium

October 4, 2012 | Filed Under: Class Recap Videos | Tagged: belgium blues dance gent Lindy Hop moe sakan

Mikey Pedroza and Moe Sakan demonstrate the skills, movements and concepts taught in a workshop in September of 2012 in Gent, Belgium. The song danced to is Si Tu Vois Ma Mere by Aurora Nealand and her Royal Roses recorded live in New Orleans at the Preservation Hall.

The workshop in Gent was a 2 part lesson with day focusing on Lindy Hop and then another focusing on Blues Dance as Mikey and Moe saw it. The music you are listening to is not in blues musical format but it is slow and has a lot of emotions behind it. And that to me makes it Blues. Or as I like to call it, slow dancing real close, with a pretty girl in my arms. 😉

Moe Sakan:

Aurora Nealand & Her Royal Roses: