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Mikey & Nikki in Seoul, Korea!

In the beginning of December, we were honored and excited to be invited to teach a weekend workshop in Seoul, South Korea! The Korean lindy hoppers are amazing and some of the greatest students a dance teacher could ask for. They enjoy any and all of the information given to them and appreciate it in such a grand way.

They created an entire website based around the images of our photo shoot with the wonderfully talented, Stephanie Albao. Also from the website we created for our Lindy Hop and swing era performance team, Hot Club Stomp.

Check out the Korean workshop site!
And our awesome team website for Hot Club Stomp!

Over the weekend, we taught a total of 10 hours! Classes ranging from basic technique to fast dancing combos. Even a 2 hour class on dancing to soul music!

It was a fantastic experience and hope for many more adventures in Korea! Thank you to all of those involved in bringing Nikki and I to Seoul for a great workshop!