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Mikey Pedroza day is Sept. 28th!

October 9, 2013 | Filed Under: Class Recap Event Videos | Tagged: gaby cook southern fried swing

1010602_10151670107430971_1088809405_nLast week Gaby Cook and I were invited to teach in Arkansas for their annual swing dance camp called Southern Fried Swing! It was the first time I had been to this state and it was a freaking blast! they aren’t kidding around when they say the south has that Southern Hospitality, it felt less like a dance camp and more like a family get together over the weekend. They fed us non stop and treated us so well that it really made us all feel special and wanted. You would be surprise how these things can make an instructor love life and there for make the class environment that much better for a dance weekend like this. Thank you to everyone at Southern Fried Swing and Momentum Dance Concepts for such a bad ass weekend and filming all of our class recaps and getting the performances up to Youtube so fast!

PS- I now have a day named after me in my honor in the city of Fort Smith, Arkansas! So celebrate September 28th accordingly!1374116_10151866191872480_116058466_n

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