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Recent Contests

I find that the more I delve deeper into my own world of dance, the more I relax. No I don’t mean that I don’t care about dance, but more that I am comfortable at the moment. Now it isn’t just feeling for me, even though most things I do are because I am slave to my emotions, but being mentally prepared before hand. Ever since my life took a change and I began to focus completely on m dancing I have noticed that a cool head matched with a firey passion is something close to nirvana for me. My own personal happy place, Nikki likes to call it my zone and when I get in my zone she can feed off it and in turn now exactly how to match me.

The importance of a mental connection between partners is as crucial as technical aspect of connection. To know that your in sync with your partner is something quite amazing, hence the feeling of nirvana. You feel as thought you can do no wrong and so your mind is free to move smoothly from one thought to the next. This I feel is as close to a yin and yan feeling that I can get, the thought that my emotions and the logical side of myself, can combine and move seamlessly into each other. That one is supported by the other, that is a connected partnership to me. Most of the time it I feel as though I search for this feeling on a social dance floor but that is hit and miss. But for this post I had contest dancing in mind, since for the past couple of months its been one contest after another.

First with Camp Hollywood Lindy Hop contest, usually this event and contest, for me, comes with this mental block and I never do the best I know I can do. But this year I had that connection and mental/physical preparation for the event and Nikki and I did the best we could have done. We came prepared and ready with our “A” game and some puffy sleeves…

Then we move into Lindy On The Rocks in Denver, Colorado. Now it may have been that they changed the contest on us last minute, or that we thought the song was going to be faster, or maybe that we were a mile above sea level, I don’t know. But the night of the contest was very disconnected that night.

“Trust me you wouldn’t want to see it…”

Now moving into the greatest competition event of the year, the International Lindy Hop Championships! ILHC is only in its 3rd year but it already has become the greatest place to throw down your dancing since the creation of the ULHS. Nikki and I have perpaired as much as we can and we’ll find out how it goes this weekend!

“Video to come soon…”