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Shake That Thing – Hot Club Stomp – CSI 2010

Hot Club Stomp performs their newest routine, “SHAKE THAT THING!”, at the 2nd annual CAMP SWING IT 2010 in Seoul, South Korea.

Hot Club Stomp is a Lindy Hop and Classic Jazz Dance team with members from all over California. The clip features Mikey Pedroza, Nikki Marvin, Jeremy Otth, Laura Keat & Shesha Marvin performing a Classic Jazz Dance routine done to a remixed version of “Shake That Thing” by Dean Mora.

If you listen close enough you may be able to hear the changes we made to the song, i thin you’ll like them. And if you listen closer you’ll hear the incredibly warm sound of the Korean “Ooooh!” 😉 You have to love the Korean dancers, I would dare say that they are the best audience in the world!