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Swing That Thing – 90’s Swing Culture Documentary

Before Swing the Documentary hits the YouTube channels and Facebook feeds of the world. There was another group of people that made a pretty good documentary about the “revival” of Swing Music and Dancing, that turned into a culture all its own. Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Rock a Billy, Neo Swing what ever you want to call it, this video has a place in the history of our now established culture.

But to me and some of my friends, we just call them “the old days.” Enjoy!

This documentary was done around 1999. Please take a moment to tag yourself and put your name and where you are in the video for your friends to see. This is a tribute to all the dancers and singers that made the revival of swing in the 90’s so amazing. Go out and buy the albums and support these bands.Forward this link to your friends.

Directed by Ramon Alfonso and produced by Carmen Lynne


Part 1:

Part 2: