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The evolution of Cyle & Alexis

August 29, 2013 | Filed Under: Dancing Event Videos | Tagged:

The Juniors Division at ILHC has been one of the highlights of the event every year! One of the owners of ILHC, Nina Gilkenson started dancing when she was 13 attending dance events and competing with juniors and adults. Its at truly beautiful thing to see how the cycle of Lindy Hop continues with Nina now providing a space for these amazing youngsters dancing and growing year from year!

A few years ago, I got a chance to work with some of the kids from the Cleveland area, they call them selves The Cleveland Junior Jitterbugs and they are lead by the fabulous Valerie Salstrom! They have come a long way from then with help from some of the finest Lindy Hoppers alive today. I couldn’t be prouder of them and thank them for their inspiration and their drive and their energy they inject into Lindy Hop! And now I present to you Cyle Dixon and his partner Alexis Davila!

ILHC 2013 – Juniors – Cyle Dixon & Alexis Davila

Below are some of their other ILHC performances too!

ILHC 2011 – Juniors – Cyle Dixon & Alexis Cuevas – 3rd Place

ILHC 2011 – Juniors – Anjelo Bowen-Pomales & Alexis Davila – 2nd Place

ILHC 2012 – Juniors – Cyle Dixon & Alexis Cuevas

ILHC 2012 – Juniors – Kevin Tucker & Alexis Davila