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The Golden Chestnuts Kill Hellzapoppin’

April 12, 2013 | Filed Under: Dancing Videos | Tagged: hellzapoppin' Lindy Hop the golden chestnuts ukraine

A group out of Ukraine by the name of The Golden Chestnut, has remade our classic clip from Hellzapoppin’. They even put it back onstage as our dance is meant to be seen! And I love the spin they took on the beginning, great way to make it theatrical.
This lightened up my day like crazy! Go team Ukraine! EXCLAMATION POINT MADE!

From Ukrainian swing kids with love!
William Downes & Frances “Mickey” Jones (1941)-Andrey Zubritskiy & Valentinka Kovalenko (2013)
Norma Miller & Billy Ricker (1941)-Liliya Butenko & Yevgeniy Strilets (2013)
Al Minns & Willa Mae Ricker (1941)-Ivan Ivaneychik & Dasha Kuzmenko (2013)
Ann Johnson & Frankie Manning (1941)-Eva Strilets & Victor Smus (2013)
Congratulations to all those dancers and their coach Alevtina Kapusta!

Here is the original…