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A Throw Back Thursday – Mikey & Cassandra 2000

November 17, 2014 | Filed Under: Videos | Tagged:

So this is me and my first dance partner, Cassandra Joy, dancing at the Desert Dance Camp in Las Vegas back in 2000. Yes I had blonde hair, yes my pants were slowly eating me, and yes she is wear a dress modeled after Jean Veloz’s memorable scene in Swing Fever. This entire dance was all improv and we only planned the beginning. We had just won the US OPEN SWING DANCE CHAMPIONSHIPS the prior year and were asked to perform at the event in front of the whole camp, including special guests, Norma Miller and Maxie Dorf. This was amazingly nerve racking and vividly remember the entire performance!



The Frankie Manning Foundation

The mission of the Frankie Manning Foundation is to carry on the work and the spirit of Frankie Manning in spreading the joy of Lindy Hop, danced to big band swing music, throughout the world. In accordance with Manning’s own values, and those of the Savoy Ballroom where the Lindy Hop got its start, the fund seeks to promote projects which are grounded in unity and collaboration, and which enable people of all different backgrounds to participate in our joyous dance of Lindy Hop.