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Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown – Vlog

Amy Johnson is the event organizer for the Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown & New Orleans Swing Dance Festival. When she lived out here in Southern California, we used to hang out a lot. One of her favorite movies, and books, is High Fidelity. She is a child of the 80s and a girl she didn’t stand a chance against the charming good looks of John Cusack, don’t judge her.

So as an ode to Amy and her fabulous event, I present to you all my Top 5 Reasons for going to the Ultimate Lindy Hop Championships & New Orleans Swing Dance Festival.

The Vlog

This year the Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown celebrated its 10th anniversary of bringing the Lindy Hop community the best and newest ideas of the dance. And this year was no exception with the grueling tournament style contest, the Showdown. Set amongst the backdrop of the beautiful city of New Orleans, LA birth place of Jazz. Lindy Hopper from all over the world invaded the French Quarter of the city to take in all what it had to offer. I myself spent a week there enjoying all of good times, great friends, amazing live Jazz music, the never ending supply of alcohol, and a great even with friends in the park watching the sun go down.

ULHS – The Aftermath