UPDATED: 24 Hour Dance-A-Thon!

The 24 Hour Dance-A-Thon was this weekend in Irvine, CA. And it was a Smashing success! Here is an excerpt from the website www.danceathon.org:

Dear Participants and Donors,

The 5th Annual 24 Hour Cancer Dance-a-thon benefitting the City of Hope was a smashing success! Your fundraising efforts make the event more than just a swing dance. Thank you for helping us do all we can to win the battle against cancer. We wrote our big check for

$180,040 !

Please post pictures and video online and send links of galleries to info@danceathon.org

If you know anyone that still wants to donate or if you want to donate anymore money to this great cause please visit DANCE A THON . ORG , Thank you everyone for making it a great event!