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What I’m Watching, “Killer Diller”

The Congaroos (also known as Four Congaroos, Congaroo Dancers) was a dance group created in 1947 by Frankie Manning after completing his military service for World War II. The group originally consisted of Frankie Manning dancing with Ann Johnson and Russell Williams dancing with Willamae Ricker.

One of the most famous clips in Lindy Hop done at the peak of its popularity and to some of the fastest music around. Hellzapoppin’ was amazing and high flying, but Killer Diller takes it to a whole other level.

So here is the clip from the 1948 movie, “Killer Diller” featuring those sensational, Congaroos!

The first time I saw this dance clip I was about 14 years old and I was absolutely floored! The way these dancers flew across the stage was like watching super heroes use their super powers to save the day! Every time i watch this clip I think, “YES I CAN!”

Then I heard that some of my favorite dancers of today were looking to pay homage to the famous clip by recreating this grad and famous routine at the Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown! I was lucky enough to be in attendance to watch Mike Faltesek, Casey Schneider, Stefan Durham and Bethany Powell bring a most excellent piece back to the for front of our Lindy Hop culture…