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Welcome to my blog! Find out more about me, learn about the dances I love, and go around the world with me. I might tell a story or keep you updated on the buzz on competitions and trends. You never know what I might do – so keep coming back to see what’s new!

Recent Contests


I find that the more I delve deeper into my own world of dance, the more I relax. No I don’t mean that I don’t care about dance, but more that I am comfortable at the moment. Now it isn’t … Continue reading

Camp Jitterbug 2010 – Part 4 (The Jump Session Show)

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Five years ago, Tonya Morris had the great idea to bring together all of the talent of the dancers that came to Camp Jitterbug and put on a show for a good cause. What came was dubbed The Jump Session … Continue reading

Camp Jitterbug 2010 – Part 3 (The Contests)

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Every night of Camp jitterbug the have a prelim for a contest or a final. With the large numbers and great level of lindy hoppers there you could most definitely expect some great contests! The Naval Armory located on the … Continue reading

Camp Jitterbug 2010 – Part 2 (The Evening Dances)

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Over the years Camp jitterbug has exploded out of the now small dance floor of the Century Ballroom. To the never ending wooden floor of the The Naval Armory on the shores of Lake Union. The giant floor can be … Continue reading

Camp Jitterbug 2010 – Part 1

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Every year, towards the end of May, Lindy Hoppers from all over the world converge on to the city of Seattle for 4 days and nights of the best dancing of the year! The event is Camp Jitterbug and this … Continue reading

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